In the olden day distance estimation was a problem. People used to gauge distances by mere sight perception. With the advents of technology, however, devices called Rangefinders have been developing. If you’re are this person wondering what rangefinders are, worry no more.

Rangefinders measure distances of objects or parameters that are far away from the observer using a laser, radar, sonar and ultrasonic principles. This laser can come as independent gadgets or integrated into relevant equipment. Lasers have found their applications in surveying, navigation, photography, games such as golf and in military weaponry. Rangefinders have made a great impact in the industry since their inception. Operations have been fastened and performance in different fields greatly boosted.

The age of using tape measures and car mileage in distance estimation is outdated. There are a variety of rangefinders out there for use. However, as a golfer who is much interested in accuracy and enjoying every bit of his gaming, I opted to do a review on device.

Bushnell Tour X Jolt Golf Rangefinder

Golfers use rangefinders not only to measure the yardage for a particular short but also to gauge the wind speeds and slopes as well. One only needs to aim reticle of the rangefinder at the flagstick and press the button to obtain the yardage at professional level however their use is discouraged.

Product specifications

This is a fantastic product and any golfer using it is assured of promising performance

  • This rangefinder has an intergraded GPS
  • Dual display technology
  • Dimensions: 4.7x 3.2 x 1.6 inches.
  • It has good shot speed and undoubted precision
  • PinSeeker with jolt technology that zeros in on the flag
  • Slope technology to detect elevation changes
  • Has 1300 yard ranging performance
  • Accuracy of up to half a yard
  • Posi-Thread battery door
  • The device is rainproof

These are just a few specifications, the device is, however, one of a kind. Each golfer should run into the stores and grab it up.

FAQs about the product

Some of the frequently asked questions about the product are

  • What units does it support? Yards and Meters are the units it uses. Directions on changing the units are found in the manual.
  • Does it come with a holder or tripod? It is easier to hold in the hands. There is no tripod option but there is a holder for it.
  • When using the red face plate, does it give actual yardage and slope yard at the same time? Once the device locks on the flag and the vibration on the jolt is felt the slope reading immediately appears together with the degree of slope. The reading gives two readings, the vertical slope yardage and the playing length.
  • Does it have a GPS? It does not come with a GPS, however it a perfect rangefinder that will change your golfing experience.
  • What can the case hold? The case can hold extra accessories such as face plate. There is no specific spot for storing an extra battery but because it is small the case can carry it as well. Extra batteries and face plates are not provided and have to be purchased separately.

Product features

  • An exchange technology that lets the golfers use the slope technology when the red faceplate is engaged. The device functions as a United States Golf Association conforming device whenever the black faceplate is used.
  • A dual display; this feature allows the users to toggle to various displays depending on the light conditions in the environment and user performance. The available displays are; bright red display with a Vivid display technology and the crisp black display.
  • This product is waterproof and long lasting. It has a water and dust resistant and durable body. The straps that come with it are perfect for carrying while gaming without an extra weight.
  • The choice of the colour is strategic. This feature makes it fancy to carry around owing to its conspicuousness and light weight. This product is also dirt resistant, this makes it convenient in every environment of use.
  • The Rangefinder is also capable of golf trajectory correction. The slope compensation ability enables it to calculate and adjust the yardage depending on the degree of slope in the golf trajectory
  • The Tour X is smartly crafted and perfectly fits into male hands. Its contoured rubber grip offers protection against bangs and gives the laser a durable lifespan.
  • The PinSeeker with Jolt initiates a short vibrating pulse which is a confirmation that the laser has locked onto the flag. When you feel the Jolt, you feel the distance.
  • The Bushnell Tour X Jolt Golf Rangefinder is designed to provide clear and easy readings. It can take 8 seconds of continuous measurements at a quick range on multiple targets.
  • This gadget comes preloaded with plenty of global golf course maps and provides and provides an accurate front and back distance to the green.
  • The carry case is one of these rigid material cases that will provide good protection for your Tour X Jolt. The case comes with a loop that enables you to hook it well. You can either zip it up or use the elasticated loop over the top to enable you to access the laser more quickly
  • Comes in the box with a carry case, instruction booklet soft cleaning cloth and the second faceplate complete. This also comes with its own protective case.
  • An adjustable focus wheel that enables the user adjust the position to suit his eyesight. It cannot be easily moved as it is taken in and out of the case, its location above the eyepiece puts the user in a good position to alter.
  • Bushnell Tour X is one of the greatest milestone made by the Bushnell group due to the addition of the interchangeable facets that enables and disables the elevation measurement function in such a way that it has to be rendered legal by golf ruling authorities.

How to operate.

When the black faceplate is used, it measures only distance. This is the reason the gadget is regarded competition friendly and legal

Switch the red faceplate and the USB connector on the sides to activate slope technology. With the red faceplate engaged, the golfer is able to see the actual yardage and the degree of elevation that alternates with the each adjustment on the yardage.

So that you don’t get confused about the operation, the red faceplate has a ‘does not conform’ message on it. For this reason, you cannot plug in an old USB connector.

To use the laser point it at any target and use the red button on the top to activate it. Hold it carefully with the crosshairs focused on the flag. Once it is locked onto the flag, a vibrating feel is experienced. This show the target has been hit. From there you can make a shot.

What customers like about Bushnell’s Tour X

In this world, contentment is quite a relative occurrence. Not everyone will be pleased with a particular commodity. However, there are outstanding good review and impressive qualities of Bushnell Tour X that customers have been able to point out.

  • Capability to pick up flags at over 250 yards. This proves challenging to some of the rangefinders available in the market.
  • The ESP technology (Extreme, Speed, Precision) that enables it to pick long range objects at a greater speed. It has a record of a 5 times greater speed.
  • Its ability change from black to red text to account for varying light conditions. This feature is triggered by Vivid Display sliding switch below the viewfinder at the back of the device.
  • This gadget has a powerful Lithium CR2 battery and the fact that they are able to see both in bright and low lights.

Product cons

  • There are complains about mirrored lens effects which they claim to reduce effectiveness than the ideal light conditions. For this reason, they returned the product to retailers. Customers who have had a great experience using it have however refuted this claims, saying that it’s the best Rangefinder in the market for golfers.
  • No mounting for a land yard or a tripod to mount it during its use. This makes the device difficult to use regardless of its superior qualities.


In my own view, it is a good Rangefinder owing to my remarkable experience with it. There is an assurance of speed and better quality components, it will give you the value of your money. The decision to purchase your own will be is the best, you will never regret

The GPS that comes together with this device is an indication of two devices in one. For serious golfers who want to enjoy the option of measuring elevation as well as accurate yardage, Tour X is the best choice. Visit the nearest store, or purchase one from amazon and enjoy the great quality.

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