9 Most Common Lawn Mower Repair Problems And What Lawn Mower parts to buy to Fix Them

Its Saturday morning and you are feeling pumped to finally mow that lawn, you have downed your cup of coffee, fully ready to go, bounced into the garage and dragged out the lawn mower. You start the ignition…..krrrrrccckkkk …..

Uhhh…What the heck!!!

You get into DIY mode, yank out the tractor lift, jack it up, and slide underneath. You inspect the lawn mower battery, you check to see if it is out of gas, ….You give it a good kick…..Nothing!

Yeah right!!…it worked fine the last time you used it!!!….what could be wrong??

Before you throw away your lawn mower, some good news is that the problems could be a simple inexpensive fix. Read through this article to find out the 9 most common lawn tractor problems and what lawn mower parts you could buy to fix this problem.

Lawn Mowers are an expensive appliance to replace. If you have a faulty lawn mower, it will be much more cheaper for you to replace the faulty part. Indeed, we have seen cases where the problem was solved by replacing a mere $2 mower screw or simply getting a lawn mower sharpener and all will be good as new.

This article will troubleshoot the 9 common faults of lawn mowers. If you already know the problem with yours, you can navigate straight to it using the table of contents.


Mower small engine repair

Are you wondering…..”where can I find a lawn mower repair near me?”

If you need help and  would rather have a maintenance man service it for you, go here to find  a lawn mower repairer in your local area who specializes in small engine repair.

Disclaimer: Before you begin any repair project, or buy small engine parts for your appliance, always refer to your manufacturers manual so as not to void your warranty

If you are looking for brand specific lawn mower parts,  click on your brand to see all the cheap replacement parts available to repair your appliance.

Lawn Mower Parts

How to use

For each problem, we have organised the article so that the  most probable cause of the problem is discussed first and the least likely cause at the bottom. If you are doing a DIY repair, then look through the different causes listed under the specific heading so as to diagnose and fix your mower.

Lawn Mower Won’t Start OR Lawn Mower Starts and Dies

If your loan mower won’t start, is hard to start or it starts and stalls,  especially after winter, there are  several possible causes that could be the culprit thus:

1) Lawn Mower Spark Plug and Start Switch

The first thing you will want to do is  to is;

  • Check if there is spark plug gap, if its is worn out or damaged,
  • inspect the porcelain insulator to see if it is cracked,
  • see if an electrode is burnt out or damaged, or if there has been black soot, carbon build up.
  • Use a multi-meter to check if the start switch and safety switch is working properly

When you have checked all these, use the spark plug tester to test if the  spark plug is defective, and if all is well, there will be a strong spark in the plug tester terminal when the engine is  cranked up. If there is no spark at all, this means that the spark plug is bad and needs to be replaced. Choose the right plug  here 

 2) Lawn Mower Carburetor

Sometimes when the fuel in your lawn mower has been left for too long in the carburator float bowl, evaporation takes place and this leaves gooey sticky remnant substances at the bottom. This heavily clogs up the carburetor making difficult to start the lawn mower engine. In order to fix this, you will need to

  • check the lawn mower air filter  and fuel filter of the carburetor to make sure that there is clean air coming through the air filter. if the air filter is clogged, this could cause black smoke from the exhaust.
  • Check to see if the linkage of the the carburetor throttle and choke plate is clean, as if it is dirty, this can cause them to bind and stick together.
  • If the small engine carburetor is clogged, then you have to use a lawn mower carburetor cleaner to clean it out, jets, gaskets and all.

If cleaning does not solve it, then will have to get a carburetor rebuild kit and rebuild it or  replace it with a brand new one

3) Lawn Mower Fuel Pump

Unfortunately the fuel pump is one of those parts that cannot be repaired. but must be replaced. Before you invest in a lawn mower fuel pump replacement, understand how it works to determine if yours is defective. Normally, the fuel pump has 3 ports.

1) The pulse port

2) The Gas in Port

3) The Gas out pump

A small rubber tube connects the pulse port to the crank engine so that when the engine starts running, the air from the crankcase causes a pressure build up and pressure release in the tube. This pressure buildup causes a movement in the diaphragm inside the pump and pump gas. Therefore is you overfill the engine with oil, this can overflow into the pulse port line thereby preventing your lawnmower engine from functioning properly.

You should also check the fuel valves as these might fail, and thus prevent fuel from reentering the gas tank. Also check the diaphragm in the pump. If they are malfunctioning, then go ahead and replace the fuel pump.

4) Lawn Mower Coils

Your mower could be having coil problems thus:

Ignition coils: when the engine is running, it is the ignition coil that send voltage to the spark plugs so if this coil is bad, this may cause your tractor engine not to start. You will need an ignition coil tester to test if the coil is working. If not, the coil will need to be replaced.

5) Lawn Mower Flywheel Key

The flywheel key is a little metal piece which fits in the lawn mower crankshaft. The key is what engages the flywheel and sometimes while mowing the lawn, the mower might hit a hard object which might break the engine and suddenly cause the engine to stop. When this this might have broken off, this will cause the lawn mower not to start. So you will want to remove and inspect the flywheel key and puller to see if it is broken. If it is, then install a replacement key. If you are using a Briggs & Stratton Flywheel Key, get some cheap ones here

6)  Lawn Mower  Pull Cord

The lawn mower starter rope, stater spring , rewind spring, or  recoil rope might be the issue.

  • Normally, once you pull and release the starter rope, the rewind spring recoils the pull start cord unto a pulley. If the rewind spring is broken, then the rope will not be able to recoil unto a pulley and this will cause the engine not to start. If the recoil spring is broken, you should replace this or preferably replace the whole recoil starter assembly

7) Lawn Mower Primer Bulb

You might notice the problems with the  lawn mower primer bulb thus,

  • Lawn mower primer bulb has a hole.
  • Lawn mower primer bulb not filling up
  • Lawn mower primer bulb is leaking air or gas
  • Lawn mower primer bulb is not working
  • Lawn mower primer bulb is stuck or cracked

The priming bulb creates a vacuum that helps suck fuel from the tank of the mower, thereby adding pressure to force the fuel into the carburetor. After multiple usage,  the rubber of the priming bulb might crack which will cause air to get into the fuel system and make the engine malfunction. You should replace a cracked primer bulb

Lawn Mower Battery Dies Always

The lifespan of a lawn mower batter is around 4 years. During this time, it is normal for the  battery to lose its charge in a space of three to four weeks. If you wait  long  between each mow, you might be left with a very low voltage and low amp hours or a dead battery altogether.

You might also notice some corrosion that appears like white powder around the battery terminal, bolts and tray. When this happens, you might notice that your battery keeps draining and leaking, and the cables become lose on the terminals.

When you notice the above that your small engine batter dies or drains quickly,

  • Try jump starting or using a battery charger to charge it and if it still does not hold charge, then that means the battery is bad and will need to be replaced.
  • After charging and the battery still does not hold charge, the problem might be the charger itself. Use a multi-meter to test the charger for continuity. Also test the outlet to ensure that a breaker has not been tripped.
  • Check to see if the lawn mower voltage regulator is bad. The regulator is what sends enough voltage to the alternator when the engine is running. if it is, the battery will not receive enough voltage this will make the battery to drain quickly.
  • Check to ensure that the lawn mower alternator is working fine. The alternator is what provides power to the lawn mower  and also recharges the battery when the engine is on. A good way to check if the alternator is functioning properly is to do a quick check using the headlights. To do this, turn on the headlights of the the mower and then turn off the engine off the engine. The lights should dim down to indicate good alternator function. If the lights do not dim, then there is a possibility that the alternator is bad. Test the alternator voltage, if all is not well, then buy a replacement alternator


Lawn Mower Leaking Gas

Lawn mowers often have gas leakage issues, most people complain about leakages from the following areas; leaking gas from air filter, leaking gas from carburetor, leaking gas from primer bulb, gas tank leaking, leaking gas from exhaust, leaking gas from muffler.

In order to correctly diagnose  the issue with your small engine mower, inspect the following to know which of them is causing the problem:

  • The Carburetor bowl gasket. Check to see if the bowl gasket at the bottom of the carburetor has dried out or is missing. If so, you should replace it.
  • The Float needle: The float needle is what opens and closes the float valve in order to allow fuel to get into the float bowl. Check to see if the needle is shutting off fuel properly, because if the needle is broken this will cause the carburetor to continue to overfill with fuel. If damaged then you need to replace it.
  • Primer Bulb: The primer bulb rubber tends to wear out over time, causing it to leak fuel. This is a relatively cheap part to replace so that you don’t need to patch. Just buy a replacement part.
  • Float and Float Bowl: : 

Lawn Mower Blades Won’t Engage

  • lawn mower blade balancer
  • lawn mower blade sharpening near me
  • lawn mower blade adapter
  •  lawn mower blade change
  • lawn mower blade locked up
  • lawn mower blade center hole
  • lawn mower blades won’t turn
  • lawn mower blade won’t spin freely or fast

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