Kenmore Parts – Buying Guide for Kenmore Replacement Parts

Kenmore Home and Kitchen appliances are one of the most popular in the world. However, there comes a time when these appliances breakdown and the user will need Kenmore parts to replace the broken down appliance, as it is way more  cheaper to buy kenmore replacement parts than to buy a new appliance.

Kenmore has been in the industry since 1927. The company is a household name when it comes to home appliances. Their appliances are said to be stylish, energy efficient and have modern designs. Kenmore is famous for its appliances that are used in refrigeration, cooking, dishwashers, laundry, grills, floor care, air and water treatment, electronics, and smart appliances.

The company is known for producing high-quality products, and customers have been pleased with the appliances. Kenmore is said to understand the needs and wants of its customers for the years it has been around. The company is determined to continue proving these solutions to customers for more years to come.

Kenmore customers have been happy with the products over the years. However, even with the wide range of products, consumers have been experiencing some problems with recent Kenmore appliances. These problems occur in the different products and will be discussed in the article.


Kenmore has different types of refrigerators that have different designs. The refrigerators vary regarding appearance, functionality, and efficiency. Each model has several refrigerators under them, and the popular models include:

  • French door refrigerators that have a side to side doors and a freezer at the bottom. The benefit of this fridge is that you will have an easier time accessing the fridge and freezer. One model is the Kenmore 70413 27.6 Cu. Ft French Door refrigerator that is made of stainless steel. The refrigerator is spacious, has an elegant design and flexible storage options.
  • Side-by-side refrigerators have side by side doors. The advantage of this refrigerator is that you have easier access to the fridge and more space for the freezer. The Kenmore 50023 cu. Ft side by side refrigerator is made of stainless steel and is a favorite due to the slim design. It has a better storage design that is also spacious that includes in-door storage. It also has spill proof shelves preventing messes from occurring.
  • Single door bottom freezer refrigerators that have one door and a freezer compartment at the bottom separating it from the fridge. The Kenmore 69313 19 Cu. Ft is a good example of a bottom freezer refrigerator that has adjustable shelving and spill proof shelves. The stainless steel refrigerator provides for smarter freezer organization, and there is room for storing more beverages.
  • Top freezer refrigerators that have one door and the freezer compartment is at the top. Top freezer refrigerators are considered the most energy efficient refrigerators available. A good example is the Kenmore 60505 18 Cu. Ft refrigerator that keeps food fresh and is energy efficient. The stainless steel refrigerator provides for smart fridge and freezer organization, and the slide-out glass shelves are easy to clean. The freezer also has a frost-free design that ensures your food stays fresh.
  • Compact refrigerators are smaller than other types of refrigerators and are used for storing food and drinks that do not fit in the regular refrigerator. They are common in hotel rooms, dormitories and offices and most people refer to them as mini-refrigerators. Kenmore has good compact refrigerators that include the Kenmore 99763 3.1 Cu. Ft compact refrigerator made of stainless steel. The refrigerator comes in handy for keeping drinks close and small items away. The refrigerator has an elegant modern design and is spacious.
  • Freezerless refrigerators that are not designed to have freezers. They are useful if you need additional fridge space to keep your foodstuff. One freezerless refrigerator is the Kenmore 70722 16.7 Cu. Ft freezerless refrigerator that is perfect for the basement or office. The refrigerator is spacious and can be used to store additional food without cramping them together.


Common Kenmore Refrigerator Problems

Consumers who use Kenmore refrigerators have reported experiencing the following:

  • The Kenmore refrigerator has a poor cooling system that breaks down when the refrigerator is still new. Even when repaired, the freezer still breaks down after a while. Customers also complain that the icemaker also stops working when the device is still new.
  • The space in the fridge and freezer is smaller than that of other brands making it difficult to organize things, especially in the freezer.
  • The doors are prone to breaking down, and since the screws and hinges are made of plastic, you will have to pay for the repairs.
  • There is frequent ice build-up making the evaporator fan make a lot of noise.
  • Kenmore does not honor the warranty on their refrigerators claiming that the repairs cost more than the warranty. Paying for a warranty plan is only valid for a while, and customers have to be persuasive to make the company fix the refrigerators.
  • There is also an issue with the fan motor of the Kenmore refrigerators as it breaks down soon after the refrigerator starts being used.
  • The inside lights in the refrigerators do not go off even when the door is closed. The plastic attachment and bulbs begin to melt, and this can cause a fire if not handled. Service techs claim it is the circuit board and is not able to fix the problem and customers are left frustrated as the fridge is rendered useless. The problem is common in Kenmore Elite Trio refrigerator. The light also burns through plastic containers in the
  • The drawers are fragile and break easily.
  • The water lines connecting to the refrigerator are also prone to leaking causing a mess.
  • The compressor stops running months after the refrigerator is in use forcing the customer to buy a new fridge.

Kenmore Refrigerator Parts




When it comes to laundry, Kenmore has   a dishwasher range. They have two types that all have their benefits. These are:

A built-in dishwasher that is permanently installed under the counter.

The advantages of this dishwasher are:

  • They are convenient for use since they do not have to be moved before and after using them.
  • The dishwasher has an independent water line making it possible for you to use the sink when using the dishwasher.

The disadvantage with this type of dishwasher is that it has a complicated installation process since the dishwasher has to be connected directly to the plumbing system.

The popular dishwasher is the Kenmore 13543 24” built-in dishwasher that features a power wave spray arm. The dishwasher is made of stainless steel and runs quietly. It also dries dishes after cleaning them.

A portable dishwasher that can be moved before and after washing

  • The dishwasher can be moved in the kitchen when being used and stored away afterward.
  • It is transferable, and those who move frequently can carry them to the new home.

The disadvantage of this is that it works when connected to the sink so you cannot use the sink while the dishwasher is working.

The popular model is the Kenmore 17152 24” portable dishwasher that is large enough to handle the dishes. The dishwasher also dries the dishes after cleaning them.

Common Problems With Kenmore Dishwashers

Kenmore dishwashers have been performing well. However, there are some customers having complaints about the performance of the dishwashers they have in their homes. These complaints include:

  • Some customers claim that the dishes go through the rack during washing.
  • The dishwashers have a problem drying plastic dishes.
  • The adjustment arm in the upper rack is prone to breaking easily. The top rack also slides out when the dishwasher is open.
  • The pump and hose connection breaks making water pour on the floor instead of going to the dishwasher.
  • The control board breaks down while the machine is still new making the dishwasher not heat up properly.
  • The motor breaks causing flooding in the kitchen even if the dishwasher is used
  • If the built-in dishwasher is not installed properly, it affects the entire plumbing system. Any blockage results in having the plumbing system replaced. The poor installation will also destroy the counter and baseboards.
  • The dishwasher does not clean dishes well, and you have to ensure the water is heated even though it has a heating element.
  • The dishwasher has low-quality hose pipes that break after some time and are prone to getting mold that is a health hazard.
  • The filter does not drain the water completely leading to a foul smell unless they are removed and cleaned after use.

Kenmore Dishwasher Parts

Kenmore wall ovens

Kenmore is a contributor to the cooking industry by producing wall ovens. Wall ovens are ovens that are built into the kitchen wall. They are convenient for any kitchen and do not use a lot of space despite the layout.

Kenmore makes gas and electric wall ovens.

Electrical wall ovens are powered by electricity. The benefit is that the temperature variation is shorter compared to the gas wall ovens. The heat can be turned on and off very quickly. The Kenmore Pro 41143 30” electric double wall oven gives more room to cook due to its double capacity. There are flexible cooking capacities and you the oven is easy to clean. It also has a self-cleaning option. You will get even cooking through the dual true fan convection that also provides for faster preheating.

Gas wall ovens are powered by gas ovens. The benefit is that there is a greater variance when it comes to temperature variations. It takes a longer time to switch the oven on and get it to the desired temperature. The Kenmore 10303 is the perfect addition to your home and is made of stainless steel. The oven has a large capacity and can handle heavy entrees. The oven settings are easy to control, and the oven has a self-cleaning option.


Common problems with Kenmore Ovens

However, Kenmore clients are complaining that they are experiencing problems with the wall ovens. The problems include:

  • The self-cleaning process makes the oven control board fail. The self-cleaning process makes the racks fall and causes a fire that completely burns the oven. Inadequate venting in the oven is also a contributor to this problem.
  • The circuit board on the oven malfunctions when the oven is still new. It makes the oven not heat up properly, and the circuit board needs to be replaced since the issue keeps recurring.
  • The upper element in the oven turns itself on, and the oven gets flames inside.
  • The gas wall oven leaks gas since the broiler feed tube corrodes easily and forms holes.
  • The ignition has a tendency to switch itself on and off, and this can cause a fire especially if there is a gas leak.
  • Clients who get double wall ovens complain that the bottom oven does not heat up. When opened, a ball of flames shoots from the oven forcing the owner to stop using it.
  • The electric panel of the electrical wall ovens short circuits when the oven is still new forcing the customer to replace it. After a while, it burns again due to a fault in the design.
  • Other customers said the glass control panel falls off even before the oven starts being used. Even during delivery, some clients experienced the same. And even the oven door handles falls.
  • Some of the oven doors do not close properly, and the calibration was off.
  • The heat at eye level is excessively making it difficult for people to check on food that is cooking in the oven since they might burn their eyes.
  • The temperature sensors are prone to fail to make it dangerous for the oven to be used for baking or activating the self-cleaning option. The oven door has exploded during baking in some cases putting the users in danger.
  • The stainless steel models are not made of stainless steel but instead, have a stainless steel coating that is poorly done. The finish wears off fast making the oven have an old appearance while still new.
  • The oven fan refuses to shut down after a short period and will only go off after the breaker is turned off.

Kenmore Oven Parts

Kenmore microwaves

Kenmore has a microwave brand that features different models. Kenmore microwaves come in three types. The different kinds are available in small and large capacities. They vary regarding energy efficiency and capacity.

Over the range microwaves that is a combination of a microwave oven and ventilation hood. They can be mounted on the wall above a range or cooktop. The microwave leaves the counter free and provides ventilation to get rid of any smoke, odors, and Steam. The hood can be installed in a non-vented or vented configuration, and both will fit in a standard 30” opening. The Kenmore Elite 80373 Over the Range microwave is ranked among the best since it has multiple options for microwaving and conventional cooking.

Countertop microwaves come in a wide range of sizes. The microwave is normally placed on the countertop in the kitchen, and some space is left for ventilation. The Kenmore 0.9 cu. Ft. 900-watt countertop microwave is considered a high-quality microwave that is the most energy efficient.

The sizes include:

  • Compact microwaves that are small and ideal for preparing small meals or heating food.
  • Mid-size microwaves that are larger and ideal for a medium size family.
  • Full-size microwaves that are the largest and ideal for big kitchens where a lot of food is being prepared.

Built-in microwaves that are microwaves installed in the kitchen wall. The microwave usually has an aluminum frame to hold it in place. The Kenmore 49613 30” Electric Combination Wall Oven is a favorite among consumers that is made of stainless steel. It is powerful and gives you more cooking power since it comes with an oven. It is a self-cleaning oven that has a lot of space. Kenmore 49613 30″ Electric Combination Wall Oven – Stainless Steel

Kenmore 49613 30″ Electric Combination Wall Oven – Stainless Steel

Common Problems with Kenmore Microwaves

There are different models built for each type. Customers have been having some issues with the microwaves produced by Kenmore that include:

  • The Kenmore microwaves have a history of switching themselves on, and if it is not noticed soon, they catch fire. The fires occur when the microwave is new and even when it has been used for some time.
  • The microwave fan turns itself on and does not shut down unless the power is disconnected.
  • The microwave starts powering down after a while and takes a few minutes to come back online. When it does, it refuses to heat up.
  • The microwave door sometimes refuses to close properly.
  • The microwaves can refuse to respond to other commands or refuse to count down seconds while cooking.
  • The control panel fails to function, and the entire system needs to be repaired for the microwave to work.
  • The electrical system keeps burning out and has to be frequently replaced. The burning out is attributed to a fault in the design.
  • The plastic coating on the stainless steel handles starts disintegrating a year barely after the microwave is purchased and the only way it can be fixed is by removing and replacing the whole
  • The turntable stops turning when the microwave is still new due to control board malfunctions.
  • The magnetron in the microwave has a tendency of going out and preventing the microwave from heating up.
  • The electrical circuit is faulty making it dangerous for use since it can go on and off at any time. It also makes it a fire hazard since the parts can catch flames and cause a fire.

Kenmore Microwave Parts

Kenmore Dutch oven

Kenmore also produces Dutch ovens for customers who like cooking with them. The Kenmore 5.5 Qt. Cast iron Dutch oven is a favorite among customers.

  • It has a large cooking capacity that makes it perfect for cooking entire whole meals for the family.
  • The cast iron element makes the food cook evenly, and it can handle temperatures of up to 450 degrees.
  • There are convenient handles to make lifting it easier
  • The lid is strong and durable enough to keep the heat in during the cooking period.

Consumers who use the Dutch oven usually have the following complaints.

  • The pan is very heavy and gets heavier when food is being cooked. It is a hard task lifting it with food inside.
  • The enamel on the sides of the oven is prone to chipping days after it is put to use and the exposed part starts rusting very fast even if it is oiled.
  • The enamel also changes color when some foods are cooked including beans.

Kenmore Grills

Kenmore manufactures two types of outdoor grills to accommodate the needs of those who enjoy hosting barbecues. These are the charcoal and gas grills. Here is a brief about both grills.

Charcoal grills that are fueled by charcoal. Using a charcoal grill is time-consuming and expensive. However, those who use it say they prefer the taste of food cooked over charcoal. It also requires more skill since charcoal burns at a higher temperature than gas. The Kenmore Deluxe charcoal grill is the best in the Kenmore collection, and it features three porcelain-enamel iron gates, folding shelves, and secondary cooking area that saves time by allowing you to grill your vegetables while the steaks are on the main grill.

Gas grills are popular since most homes have gas lines. They light up easily, and one does not need to worry about refilling the charcoal. Most gas grills are fueled by propane but can be quickly switched to natural gas. The popular grill is the Kenmore Elite 550 Series 3-burner gas grill#PG4030800L that features a fuel gauge to make sure you do not run out of propane while grilling.


Common Problems With Kenmore Grills

There are common problems associated to Kenmore grills. These problems include:

  • Most of the stainless steel grill parts rust within less than a year and that should not be the case. It makes it dangerous to use the grill especially if it is fueled by gas and is a fire hazard.
  • The stainless steel firebox trays are rusting without having access to any weather elements while during purchase, it was indicated that it is not supposed to rust. Hot materials can fall into the propane tank, and this can cause an explosion.
  • The lighters stop working after a short time.
  • The gas grills are defective in their construction where the gas hose starts leaking, and when the grill is lit, it causes a fire.
  • The grill burners burn out within months after installing the grill.

Kenmore Grill Parts

Kenmore washers and dryers

Kenmore continues trying to make the lives of its customers better by reducing their work load. One way is by making laundry washing easier through the use of their washers. They have three types of Kenmore washers.

Front load washers that are loaded from the front. They have a high load capacity and are the most energy efficient washers in the market. The high spin speed in the washers reduces drying time by extracting the most moisture from the clothes. The most popular front load washer models are Kenmore Elite 41072 and the Kenmore Elite 41073 that have 14 spin cycle wash.

Top load washers have the loading compartment on top of the machine. They are straightforward when it comes to operating them and do not vibrate when running. It is easier to put clothes in since you do not have to bend and can add laundry after the cycle starts. The popular top load washer is the Kenmore 25132 4.3 Cu that has an exclusive triple action impeller.

Twin-load washers enable you to wash two separate loads at once. The washer reduces the amount of time and energy needed to wash a large laundry pile. The popular twin-load washer is the Kenmore Elite 51972, 27” wide pedestal washer.

Their dryer collection consists of:

Electric dryers powered by electricity. The popular model is the Kenmore 60222 6.5 cubic-feet electric dryer.

Gas dryers that run on natural gas. The popular gas model is the Kenmore Elite 91852 front load gas dryer.

Portable dryers that can be moved before and after use. The popular model is the Kenmore 84722 3.4 Cu. Ft. electric compact portable extra-large capacity dryer.

Common Problems with Kenmore Washers and Dryers

Even with the Kenmore washers and dryers being popular among consumers, some customers have their complaints on the performance of different models they purchased. The main complaints are:

  • The main circuit board breaks down when the washer is still new. The same problem is experienced in the dryers as they stop working within the first few months of use.
  • The water pump refuses to work after a few months.
  • The washer is rough on fabrics and ends up tearing them, and even when the washer finishes the cycle, the clothes are not clean and have to be rewashed.
  • The lint does not stay on the screen but comes over the door. The lint tray in the dryer does not stay in its place, and clothes get caught in it.
  • The dryer door does not open in the right way.
  • The washer and dryer cannot spin on high since they shake too much. When you put a spin only cycle on the washer, it keeps bringing up UL for uneven load, and you have to remove the clothes and make the machine stable.
  • The sensors in the washers do not work for some customers a few days after installation. The control panel refuses to work, and clothes get locked in the washing machine.
  • If the gas washer and dryer are not installed properly, it leads to a gas leak that is a fire hazard.
  • The Kenmore washer does not have enough water to clean a big load. The water is not enough to get the clothes wet and you have to manually pour water to wet the clothes.
  • The tub arrives damaged making the place flood after every washing session.
  • The Elite washers are said to squeeze clothes until they get permanent wrinkles.
  • In case there are coins in the clothes, they fall straight to the motor and damage it.
  • The washers make a lot of noise that is disturbing.
  • The bearing and seal of the rear tub keep going off forcing owners to replace the rear tub months after getting the washer.
  • The washers have been reported to stop washing mid cycle and refuse to drain. When it comes back on, it completes the wash without cleaning the clothes. Customers have to unplug and restart it after every process that is a cumbersome task.
  • The agitator washers lock the clothes in and send them on a permanent agitation cycle. Once you get the clothes out, they have a white streak, and you have to rewash them to make them better.

Kenmore Dryer Parts

Kenmore Washer Parts

Kenmore televisions

Kenmore has recently launched its television brand in an effort to expand in the consumer market. They have a flat panel and led televisions that are available at affordable prices to their customers. Their television range does not have compact televisions. An example of a Kenmore television model is the Kenmore Elite 71398 UHD TV is a 4K model. The television:

  • The television has a high-definition picture quality. The colors look natural, and there is excellent accuracy.
  • The UHD picture quality is high even when movies are played using the HDMI output of the TV.
  • The television is good at minimizing the glare effect from ambient light, and even in bright rooms, contrast is maintained.
  • There is a V-chip that helps with parental control.
  • The television provides for multilingual display for those who are bilingual users.
  • The remote control has a navigation pad that is easy to go through.

The problems with the Kenmore televisions is that:

  • The televisions do not support HDR technology like other 4K television sets.
  • None of the Kenmore televisions are smart TVs. Most large screen televisions incorporate smart technology, and this was a let- down on the part of Kenmore. To watch any shows, you will need to combine the television with a streaming media player.
  • The Elite television converts images contained on USB drives to 1080p even though the USB can support 4K videos.
  • The screen is very reflective making it difficult to watch near a source of light.
  • When watching, there is an issue with the dynamic backlight control. In dark scenes, the screen dims the light further, and in some instances, it goes completely black.

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