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Ring Stick up Cam Outdoor Security with 2-Way Audio.

The ring stick up camera is the type of device you need to beef up your security with a pocket friendly price about $168 in online purchasing websites. The Ring Company is the manufacture and it has had other products like a previous Ring doorbell which is a superb product. The ring stick up camera is an outdoor security device with a black finish

Product description.

The camera: The upper part of the camera encloses a 720 mega pixel camera with 80 degree field of view a 3x digital zoom, motions sensors, WI-FI radio, and six infrared night vision LEDS. The lower half constitutes a speaker and microphone array with a two way audio communications. Since it is an outdoor camera it has to be durable and thus it is rated IP54 for water resistance. At the back of the camera is a rubber covering a mini USB charging port and a setup button with a small LED indicator that works during setup and enables one to see everything in case the setup is happening at night. At the top bottom and middle there are three holes which enable mounting the camera to the chosen surface.

Battery: This stick up camera runs on battery or solar panel power and works only when it detects motion or when the live view button is pressed. Though it does not use email alerts, it fives push notification on detecting motion. The 5200 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery is rated over 6 months before it requires recharge although the camera can be uninstalled to charge it.

Ring solar panel: this is purchased separate from the camera and can be mounted alongside the camera to recharge the battery. It has a long wire that allows sola to be placed at position that promote more light harvesting.

Packaging: it comes with a quick release mounting base, a screw driver, a drill bit, permanent security mount, a drill bit, micro USB charging cable, mounting screw anchors and setup installation guide.

Ring’s cloud service: at first there is a 30 day trial period allowing users to view and share motion triggered recorded events. A $30 yearly subscription that last for six months of video history is offered and it ensures continued usage of the rings cloud service.

Ring’s application: this is an android or iOS application that displays My Devices page that shows all the installed ring devices and list of recent alerts. The camera icon opens a page displaying the battery status and also a switch for motion alerts. The bottom page has six buttons. Recent activity button gives a page of all motion triggered videos and video recordings of the live view feature when used. The motion settings button opens a page for assigning specific motion detection zones. The live view button opens a live landscape mode video stream with a talk button with two-way audio and end button to stop live view. The shred buttons is used to add users by entering their email address. The Ring+ partner’s button connects the camera to other Ring’s partner’s applications including LockState, Lockitron, Belkin’s WeMo and Kwikset’s KeVo. The KeVo app can be used from the ring app to lock or unlock a door in case of a detected motion at the front door. The linked chimes button links your account to an external bell which plugs into a wall outlet and sounds chime when motion is detected.

Installation and performance.

The installation procedure is found from your Ring account. At first the app is downloaded then logged in. then on using the button Add Device you select stick up cam and choose the mounting location either front backyard side or custom and then you confirm address with phones location services. On pressing and releasing the orange button in the back of camera and selecting Ring SSID in my WI-FI settings. On the Ring app you select WI-FI network and after entering the password camera set up finished and thus ready for physical installation. Installing the camera to the chosen surface or wall is demonstrated in video in the Ring app. The entire process takes less time and also installation tools are provided which are used.


  • This camera minimizes false alerts experienced in ring door bells. This is possible by mounting the Ring stick up cam facing away from the street unlike doorbells which face the street and can generate alarms from moving vehicles passing by the houses.

  • Packages left at the door can be recognized and picked by using the live view of the stickup camera since it provides an angle of view that is wide enough at the front door.

  • Solar panel can be used to continuously recharge the battery and it can be mounted at a place that receives a lot of sunlight. The solar panel has a long cord that can reach the stickup camera despite the distance and thus ensuring maximum light harvesting from whichever angle.

  • The control of this camera from set up to viewing and other functions can be done using a application that is compatible to android, iOS, Windwos 10 supported devices like smartphones and computers.

  • Each stickup camera has a two way audio system with mic and speaker and thus one can easily communicate to the coming persons and get to know who they are even before you meet. It can also be used to offer instructions while at same time observing the persons.

  • It comes with easy and straight forward to install and set it up. The batteries are charged then the camera is paired to the control application and then mounted which is a simple procedure that can be followed by everyone.

  • Long battery life that is expected to last for 6-12 months without recharging.

  • Quality and its capability is high since it has a 720 pixel video capability which works on a battery considering higher video output in terms of pixel consumes a lot of power and can be supported by battery powered cameras. It has fine colors depending on the location of mounting and provide enough detail as per your needs. This camera also has a zoom motion which is not present in most other cameras and thus detection of even further objects. This makes it a utility in law enforcement industry due to its superb features and can be used to easily observe and analyze suspects from the output of the videos.

  • The online live chat feature from the application improves customer service and incase of any queries it is easier to get the instructions given since it is a bit lively with some practical explanations.

  • Free theft replacement by Ring Corporation when you file a police report about the stolen Ring stick up camera. This a secure way of ensuring your customers that incase of any theft they will be replaced. However hanging it high up enough ensures the thief cannot reach it and incase the face is detected it is simple to follow them with the help of the police.

  • The interface records large volumes of snippets and video data sending them to the cloud for viewing.


  • Night vision ability is very low especially in the country where the lighting is minimal and thus cannot be depended upon. Working in full moon is also another problem and thus it means the camera night vision works in well-lit urban or suburban areas. This feature is thus not accommodated in low light but only in well-lit areas in the night but only motions are detected even in darkness.

  • The 720 pixel video quality is low compared to other brands giving higher pixel which provides more clear images and videos. The camera also has a delay in adjusting its brightness when it detects motion. This can lead to some type of blurriness which is not a good quality for such a big brand.

  • It is easy to unscrew the rotating head and thus it can be easily stolen. To avoid this one should mount it high up where it is secure from theft.

  • Discount is not offered for cloud service wen there are multiple devices in use from the same user. Discounts influences customers to buy even more cam3ftrheras to ensure the monitoring of the cameras covers the whole place and this avoids black holes that could be used by thieves.

  • Due to the large data recorded by the cameras it is tiresome to scroll through the lists in order to get the time frames of interest.

  • Audible low tone click produced by the cameras when there is motion detection which can easily scare away the coming person in case it is a thief. This should be improved on to ensure the system is perfect in security.


Ring stick up camera is a completely wireless device with easy installation guides. It is the choice of outdoor activity monitoring and also storage of recorded of motion triggered events. It offers sharp and colorful 720 megapixel daytime video and thus this is the type of camera recommended for your security system in tour home.

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