10 Best Counter Depth Refrigerators in the Market

Have you been in search of the right refrigerator that gives your kitchen a pleasing aesthetic view and still give you some extra walk way space in your kitchen? Then with the counter depth refrigerator you are sure to fulfill your desire even with the small kitchens that have less space. Counter depth refrigerators are free standing units that do not require to have a cabinet built around them. These refrigerators are shallow in depth and only the door protrudes around 2-3 inches past the counter top to allow free opening and closing of the doors. At the same time these cabinet depth refrigerators reduce the space they cover. In this case when you integrate these counter depth side by side refrigerators with cabinets they are seamless and indistinguishable from the standard cabinet with only the door protruding. However this does not mean that this refrigerators have a low capacity since the space is compensated by them being wider or even taller.

The measurements for these food and beverages cooling devices depend on the model and brand of the manufacture. When trying to fit your refrigerator in the kitchen you should consider important dimensions which are the width, depth and height. The width of counter depth refrigerators could either be 30” 33” or 36”. With the height there are different dimensions but the main consideration here is to leave a space between refrigerator frame and the cabinet which allows for ventilation. The depth ranges between 24 to 26.5 inches from the back of the refrigerator to the front of the door. The height of the refrigerator to the cabinet and the height of the refrigerator to the top of the door may vary within an inch to an inch and half with the door extending further than the frame. The depth with handles and depth without handles should be considered as different. When purchasing you should consider these two, height and depth measurement differences.

The best counter depth refrigerators.

LG 36 inch French door refrigerator (LFXC24766S)

This is a modern and convenient counter depth side by side refrigerator has a capacity of 24 cubic feet depth. The dimensions for depth with handles is 30”, depth without handles 28”, depth without door is 24. The height to top of case is 68” and height to top of door hinge is 70”. The width is 35”.

The pull protector shelves are adjustable to adapt to your type of organizing depending on the size of the food or object you are storing in the fridge. The pull compartment including the temperature control gliding provides enough space to store whatever you want from proteins to pastry.

Ice can also be produced inside the door and thus giving extra shelve space. The freezer has an automatic sliding tray and pull out draw which make it easy to access the stored food. There is also a large bottom bin with a divider which allow for more time of storage. There are temperature controls outside the dispenser and door alarm control lock.

Samsung counter depth stainless 4 door flex refrigerator. (RF22K9581SR).

This is a 4 door flexible refrigerator of 22.1 cubic feet capacity with fresh food capacity of 13.2 feet and freezer capacity of 8.9 cubic feet. The cabinet depth dimensions in terms of width is 35 inch, depth is 28 inch d, depth without door and handles is 24 inch. The height is 71 7/8 inch and height without inch is 70 ¾ inches.

The doors are stainless and contain pocket handles, the ice and water dispenser is external. A multicolored touch screen measuring 21.5 inches is used to control the temperatures, look and label the stored foods in the fridge and lastly to connect to the internet and thus serving as home power hub. Inside there are 5 5 glass shelves that do not allow spills. 3 of these are adjustable by either flipping upwards or gliding backwards which enables taller items to be store too. Below the 5 shelves is crisper draws.

Water filter, air purifier, ice maker and ice storage are also situated in the fridge. 6 bins are on the door and 2 of these are large enough to hold large volumes of items. The bins are removable allowing easier cleaning. Three cameras are also inside and feed their recordings to the touch screen.

The freezer is divide into right and left, the left has 2 sliding spill proof glass shelves and 4 slide out storage draws. The right hand side can be converted into a refrigerator by increasing the temperatures to the normal of refrigerators and this can be useful when there is more need of refrigerating than freezing.

GE profile counter depth refrigerator.

This counter depth French door refrigerator is a great value model that encompasses significant features for your home use. The storage space is of 20.5 cubic feet covering the fresh food and freezer capacity. The approximate dimensions are depth 31”, depth without door 23.88” and without handle being 28.50”. The height is 69.93”, height to top hinge being 70.5” while the width is 35.75.

It has an external ice dispenser and water filtering system which can even accommodate taller bottles. The touch screen can display the temperatures inside the refrigerator and also you can control them at the same time without opening the door.

It is usual for people to leave the doors of cabinet depth refrigerators open which can interfere with the internal temperatures but to counter these the doors are made to automatically close themselves and also there is a turbo cooling system which restores the temperatures. It has two humidity cooled crisper for groceries and below them are two adjustable temperature drawer for storing meat and cheese.

The two drawer freezers with outside withdrawal make it easy to keep your frozen foods and make it easy when retrieving your items.

Kitchenaid Counter Depth French Refrigerator.

If you are in search for a counter depth French door refrigerator (KRFC302EBS) then this black stainless kitchen aid fridge is your solution with fresh food capacity of 16.35 and freezer holding 5.59 which gives a total of 21.9 cubic feet. The height to top of refrigerator is 71.38 inches, height to top of door hinge being 72 inches. The depth without handle being 27.75 inches and depth with handle 30.25 inches.

Each door has handles with red medallions on the end of the chromium caps. Temperature controls are inside the fridge at the top side of the unit which are controlled by buttons with display in a led screen. The lighting is by LED bulbs.

The number of glass shells are five and they have metal edges. One of the shelves is fixed and cannot move while the others are adjustable in order to be able to store any item despite the height it occupies. Below the shelves are two smooth gliding humidity controlled crispers and one full width belly drawer.

The water filter and water dispenser are located inside but not exterior like some other models. The door has 6 attached bins which have liners. Four of these bins are removable for cleaning and they can also be adjusted.

The freezer has the icemaker, ice scoop and ice storage. Also inside the freezer are one half rack, one fool rack and a divided full sized spill proof bin.

Whirl pool Counter Depth Side by Side Refrigerator (WRS965CIAM).

The whirlpool Gold counter depth side-by-side refrigerator (WRS965CIAM) gives you a 5 inch extra space in your kitchen. It has 25 cubic feet of storage space having a very high freezer capacity of 10 cubic feet which is the best in the industry so far and the remaining 15 for fresh refrigeration. It has a height of 69.25 inches, width 35.5 inches and depth of 31. 12 inches.

It has micro etch spill proof shelves with metal linings and are able to prevent leakages. These shelves give more storage capacity thus holding more items.

The internal ice and water dispenser unit uses more freezer capacity. It has a detachable ice bin which when detached it can be used to feel glasses and other coolers outside the fridge hence making it easy to fill them. It has an efficient cooling capability which uses build in sensors that detect inner temperatures and correct them when necessary.

MAYTAG counter depth refrigerator (MFC2062DEM)

The MAYTAG bottom freezer refrigerator is a study kitchen refrigerator that you ought to equip yourself with. This three door fridge has a weight has a depth with handle of 29.5” and without handle of 28” the height to top of the case is 68.5” and the height to top of the hinge is 70.125”. The width with door closed is 35.625” and the depth without door included is 24.125”.

This stainless steel finger print resistant fridge has an internal ice and water dispenser making it compact. It is of high quality since it is assembled in the US. It has a power cold feature that lowers the fridge temperatures to the desired cold levels. Inside it is lit by bright series of led lights.

The refrigerator has four glass shelves whereby 1 is fixed full width and the other 3 are adjustable full-width. The crisper drawer is an only one full-width which is humidity controlled. The door has 2 adjustable bins and 2 adjustable gallon capacity door bins which are strong enough to hold bottles and jars.

The freezer has 4 adjustable glass shelves whereby the 3 door bins, full width storage drawer and a slide out basket.

Hotpoint counter depth refrigerator. (HTR17BBSLCC).

This is a bisque cabinet depth refrigerator that with a total of 16.6 cubic feet capacity of storage. The refrigerator capacity is 12.54 feet while freezer capacity is 4.1 feet. The counter depth refrigerator dimensions are width at 28” inches, height of 64.75 and 29.13 inches.

It has recessed handles which make it easier to open and close. Inside there are adjustable wire shelves and fixed gallon door shelves. Crisper drawers for string fruits and vegetables.

Kenmore Elite Grab-N-Go counter depth refrigerator

The Kenmore Elite Grab-N-Go bottom freezer refrigerator is one of the one of the best counter depth refrigerators. It has a 24 cubic feet storage capacity. The depth with handle is 34.25”, depth without handle is 31.75. The height to top of case is 68.375” and height to top of hinge is 69.75”. The width with door closed is 35.75 and depth without door is 27.875”.

It has an external dispenser which is simple to use by use of touch buttons to choose among water, crushed ice or cubed ice. The freezer is situated at the top. The Grab-N-Go door which opens by pressing a button on the handle is of paramount use since only one door is opened reducing air loss which can disrupt the cooling.

Inside it has enough space to store your food and organize it well. The outer door bins are strong to hold butter and cheese and your other favorite foods and snacks thus enabling quick access of these without opening the door for longer durations. Chlorine test, odor, impurities like mercury and lead are reduced due to the advance NSF 42 and 53 water filter unit.

The ice maker is at the top shelf which utilizes the space and also an extra storage in the door increasing capacity of storage. The crispers are entirely air tight slowing down the wilting of vegetables and lettuce can stay crisp for even 7 days. A full width pantry drawer which has digitalized temperature controlled environment keeps its components fresh. The controls also include three parameters for the specific temperature controls of produce, Dell and meat.

The freezer has 3-tier storage drawers consisting of 2 power bins and 1 extradite bin which simplifies how you organize your foods in the bottom freezer.

Bosch 800 Series  36′ French Door Refrigerator B22CT80SNS  .

The stainless exterior Bosch 800 series 36”counter depth refrigerator model number B22CT80SNS is a shallow depth refrigerator with a capacity of 21.8 cubic feet.

It has three handles. The controls for freezer and the refrigerator are inside at the front of the unit. Refrigerator storage contains 5 shelves that are spill proof and 4 of them being totally adjustable and 1 does not move. It also has 2 humidity controlled crispers and 1 pull extension Deli drawer which have separate temperature controls.

The water filter and water dispenser are also built inside the fridge. At the door there 6 bins 4 of which are fully adjustable while the other 2 are deep to hold large amounts of items. All these 6 bins can be moved making cleaning easier.

On the other hand, the freezer has 1 free bin with a divider bar, 1 metal basket, an ice maker and ice storage.

Frigidaire counter depth fridge  FGHC2355PF .

The Frigidaire gallery side by side counter depth fridge model number FGHC2355PF has a total capacity of 22.6 cubic feet. The height to top of the fridge is 68.63”, height to top of door hinge being 69.88”, the depth without handle is 28.5 inches and depth with handle is 31”.

The water and ice dispenser are located externally. Refrigerator and freezer controls are located at a touch screen on the dispenser. Inside it is lit by the led bulbs. There are 4 glass shelves with 3 being adjustable and 1 does not move. 2 humidity controlled crispers for storage of vegetables and 1 humidity controlled Deli drawer. Water filter and air filter are also situated inside it.

On the door there are4 bins 2 being fully adjustable, 1 deep to hold large capacities and 1 that cannot move. The freezer has 2 glass shelves, 2 slide out freezer baskets.

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